This weekend, RUV holds Heat 2 of its competition to see who will represent Iceland at this year’s Eurovision. And despite being pleasantly surprised that we really liked all four ballads that competed in Heat 1 last weekend, we’re disappointed that we like NONE of the four songs that will be taking part in this weekend’s Heat. They’re all nondescript, bland dirge. And eight songs in, we’re also a bit miffed that we still haven’t heard a dance beat. Last year Euroband gave Iceland their first participation in the Eurovision final since 2003, after they easily qualified from the second semi final. One would have hoped that Iceland would have the initiative to send something similar back – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ etc! Still, we’re only eight songs in. Let’s hope that we get a few synthesisers thrown into the mix over the coming weeks. Are Mercedes Club busy?!


You can listen to the Heat 2 songs for yourselves here;  


But we’d really recommend that you don’t.

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