CRASH feat. Sunshine Gillz: ‘I’m Alive’

CRASH feat. Sunshine Gillz: ‘I’m Alive’

CRASH! (BOOM! BANG!). A brand new girl pop duo hailing from Sweden. And with a dancepoptastic debut single serving as a warm introduction to them.

‘I’m Alive’ is the debut track. A Scandinavian flavoured Eurohouse anthem that pays an en vogue tribute to the dance floors of ten years ago. Slightly euphoric in melody and with an icy synth middle eight breakdown that’s spoken over by LA rapper Sunshine Gillz.

Lots of songs coming from America at the moment, sound like they’ve been influenced by a Clubland compilation from 2002. But in a way, ‘I’m Alive’ trumps them all by sounding like it actually IS taken from a 2002 Clubland compilation. The Ian Van Dahl-esque vocals of the girls contribute in large to this, as does the fact they’ve employed one of Europop’s most successful producers from that era. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that?

The song has been produced by Ari LeTennen, whom we adore from his hits with Ace of Base, Drömhus, NG3, Dr Alban, etc etc. And written by Sandro Cajander, Maureen Doucette, and Jordan Brawner. It’ll be released later in the summer.


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