New Swedish dance outfit, Supermarkets, have already provided us with one of our favourite tunes (dance, or otherwise) of the year so far, with ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’. And this week, they’re all set to unleash the follow up single, ‘Crash & Survive’. They roped in Medina and Anders Bagge (Anders is one of the songwriters behind Supermarkets too) to provide vocals on the previous single, but we’ve been quite excited about hearing ‘Crash & Survive’, as it features vocals by one of our favourite scandipoppers – Mr Danny Saucedo!

We’ve yet to hear the full track, but until then, we’ve been appeased by a 60 second clip which you can listen to here (just click on ‘ecouter 60s’ which is across from the tracklisting of the single.

Based on the odd timings of the song they’ve chosen to produce a clip (coming in at the end of one chorus and then cutting off at the beginning of the next one!) it’s a bit difficult to judge it. Although it sounds sufficiently ‘hands in the air’ enough to keep our excitement afloat.

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