Ok, we know that to a lot of you, when we write about dansband music on here, it’s the absolute low-point of the site every week! However, we have to say, that tomorrow night’s episode Dansbandskampen is looking like it’s going to be THE FUCKING, NUTS!

Like last week, the remaining dansbands (there are 4 now) will be performing one cover of a well known song as always, and one brand new specially composed track. And it seems that SVT, perhaps aware of the automatic loss of fabulousness now that CC & Lee have been eliminated from the competition, have drafted in some amazing songwriters to compensate, and to sort out proceedings. So among the songwriters responsible in various teams for the four new songs we’re getting tomorrow night, we have;

Måns Zelmerlöw
Erik Segerstedt (of EMD)
Chris Antblad (responsible for most of Sibel’s album, including ‘That Is Where I’ll Go’)
Pontus Wennerberg (’Thank You’ by Amy Diamond, plus ‘More Than That’ by Backstreet Boys)
Thomas G:son (responsible for more classic schlager songs than we can even remember!)

Obviously all four songs COULD turn out to be complete damp squibs, but there’s likely to be at least one or two in there that are schlagertastically amazing. Especially considering the two absolute gems that the show unearthed last weekend. Below is the full song list for tomorrow night – covers = Låt 1, new song = Låt 2. And below that are the said absolute gems from last weekend (just in case you missed/ignored them in our post last Sunday!), that we’ve played a ridiculous amount of times already this week. They really are both incredible – if you like schlager of course. And we’re hoping that studio versions of both will be appearing on the forthcoming albums from Elisa’s and CC & Lee. Lionheart Records, if you’re reading this – MAKE IT HAPPEN! They could even be singles, c’mon!!!

Our Dansbandskampen write-up will be a bit later than normal next weekend/week, as on Saturday night we’re going to miss the live broadcast of the show. But that’s only because we’re going to see Anne-Lie Rydé, Pernilla Wahlgren, Suzzie Tapper, and Kayo at this amazing event instead. Oh, it’s a hard life for a schlager fan here in Sweden!

ALSO *STOP PRESS*! Apparently, on tomorrow night’s show, SVT will be revealing a Dansband that has been selected to compete in Melodifestivale 2011!

Låt 1: ‘Jennie Let Me Love You’ – EMD
Låt 2: ‘Ikväll Är Det Vi’ – (Martin ”E-Type” Eriksson, Christian Belmondo)

Patrik’s Combo
Låt 1: ‘De Sista Ljuva Åren’ – Lasse Stefanz
Låt 2: ‘Madeleine’ – (Erik Segerstedt, Thomas G:son)

Låt 1: ‘Oops… I Did It Again’ – Britney Spears
Låt 2: ‘Nu Vill Jag Dansa’ – (Chris Antblad)

Låt 1: ‘Om Du Lämnade Mig Nu’ – Lars Winnerbäck och Miss Li
Låt 2: ‘Varenda Veranda’ – (Måns Zelmerlöw, Pontus Wennerberg)

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