A brand new Swedish girl pop duo, and their debut single ‘Turn Up The Love’.

The song has been written and produced by two Scandipop favourites, Martin Rolinski and Eric Amarillo. And has been composed specifically for some campaign that the phone company Telia had put together for the Eurovision Song Contest, which we don’t quite understand fully. But the minor details aren’t important. What’s important is the fact that we have a new Swedish pop act to listen out for, who are more than likely going to be making dancepop. And that’s all that matters really.

Dash4 already seem to be in good hands, since they’ve just been taken on under the same management wing as Eric Saade, by Lingman & Co. So we’re expecting big things to come from the girls in the coming months. Or at the very least, things.

Debut single ‘Turn Up The Love’ probably isn’t the best song to judge them by, because of its corporate connection to Telia/Eurovision. But from it, we can already tell that they’ve got a cracking pair of voices on them. So we’re looking forward to hearing what amazing pop those voices are put to in the future.

Below is a ‘behind the scenes’-esque video in which you can hear the song in full. And it’s been released digitally worldwide, iTunes link under the vid.

Turn Up the Love - Single - Dash4


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