The *first* nine songs? Of fourteen.
Right, how’s this all working then? There will be one final, taking place on March 7th. That final will have ten songs, five of which have already been selected by Danish broadcaster DR, and which will remain under wraps for now. Today however, DR have launched a radio and online semi to fill those remaining five slots – from nine songs released today.
And how do nine become five? Danes can vote from now until midday this Friday. Though only in their own district. We’ll let them figure that all out for themselves right here.
Sounds simple enough. There’s just one more twist. The nine songs have been split into three groups, based on a Danish ‘district’, a bit like what’s happening in Norway this year, too. And the Danish public will only be able to vote to the final one song per group. After the top three go to the final, DR’s jury will pick two wildcards out of the remaining six, to fill those last two slots in the final. Got it?
Got it. And when will we know the result? Friday, apparently.
So. What are the songs like? Read below for our full reviews and, why not, our picks to go through from each category. And you can listen to all nine of the songs over on DR’s website.


Jamie Talbot – ‘Bye Bye Heaven’
(Tom Oehler, Hampus Eurenius, Aron Blom)
A modern take on classic soul, backed with some big beats and a confident vocal, both of which belie the otherwise soothingly laidback tone to the song. Probably the most contemporary of the nine songs on offer in this semi, sounding like it could well be a big hit outside of the context of this contest.

Kenny Duerlund – ‘Forget It All’
(Henrik Tala, Mila Falls, Patrik Jean, Kenny Duerlund)
An unapologetically punchy tune that blends a bit of both trip-hop and soul to its sturdy pop frame. It’s big enough to easily captivate an entire arena in Copenhagen in March. And if he can pull off live that same vocal he’s managed in the recording, it could deservedly go all the way to an arena in Rotterdam in May.

Nick Jones – ‘2 AM’
(Jon Hällgren, Lukas Hällgren, Hampus Eurenius, George Keller)
At 2am we’re usually asleep. Quite fitting, really.

Scandipop pick? ‘Forget It All’ is our fave of the three, but we think ‘Bye Bye Heaven’ will give it a run for its money in the voting stakes. Whichever one doesn’t make it though, should get picked up by the jury.


SamSara – ‘For You’
(Lars ‘Chief 1’ Pedersen, Remee, Kwamie Liv, Sara Amalie Gerup)
Now for something a bit different. It’s pure pop, but veers off into its own direction right from the offset, never looking back. It dabbles in folk, ethno-pop and perhaps even several genres of its own that it’s just invented. And as a result, it becomes the kind of song that sounds like it could go the distance. And, you know, win the whole thing.

Søren Okholm – ‘Impossible Dreamers’
(Tobias Stigaard Stenkjær, Peter Jantzen, Nanna Supriya Wedel, Søren Fynbo Okholm)
The kind of song that Danish voters usually lap up, it’s a perfectly pleasant, guitar-based, inspirational number that’s difficult to find fault in. It’s also difficult to get excited about, though.

Ben & Tan – ‘Yes’
(Emil Adler Lei, Jimmy Jansson, Linnea Deb)
YES! Iceland have Of Monsters and Men, Sweden have Smith & Thell, and now Denmark have Ben & Tan. We love this. Intrusively catchy, it gets the job done (and then some) in its alloted three minutes – which is precisely what Eurovision voters require.

Scandipop pick? It’s a tough choice between ‘Yes’ and ‘For You’, but we’re gonna go with ‘For You’ – to hear something different, and because we’re excited to see just how far it could go.


Emil – ‘Ville Ønske Jeg Havde Kendt Dig’
(Esben Svane, Emil Vestergaard Klausen, Gavyn Matthew Bailey, Tim Schou)
Sorry but this is now the third man with a guitar attempting to rouse us with mediocrity that we’ve had to listen to now and it’s gotten boring. For what it’s worth though, this is the worst one of them all. Next!

Sander Sanchez – ‘Screens’
(Jonas Thander, Liam Craig, Christopher Wortley)
This one has got it all – the kind of song that sounds like it fits onto the radio playlists of today, and that also sounds like it belongs on the Eurovision stage. It’s got just the right amount of bang for both, and most definitely deserves its shot to achieve both, by making it to the final.

MieLou – ‘We Could Be So Beautiful’
(Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil, Bruce R. F. Smith, Eric Lumiere)
An enormously sweet and charmingly tender ballad. It stands out as being the only song of its kind in this semi, but also on its own two feet thanks to a very strong melody that builds with the song. We’re not sure how competitive it would be at Eurovision. But in Melodi Grand Prix, it’s a very welcome addition to the line-up.

Scandipop pick? Without a shadow of a doubt – ‘Screens’ is the one for us.

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