The magnificent Donkeyboy are in a healthy period of heavy music releasage. We’ve had the most recent single ‘City Boy’, and now they’re back with a new one, ‘Pull Of The Eye’, plus the parent album of both tracks – ‘Silver Moon’.

‘Pull Of The Eye’ premiered on Norwegian radio last week. It’s typically Donkeyboy (phew!), although this time they’ve roped in a lady to do some of the vocals as part of a duet. Or at least that’s what it sounds like, unless they’ve started to add even more studio effects to their vocals in an effort to fool us, the absolute scamps! The chorus includes lyrics like “makes me feel good” and “take me higher” – so predictably, the song instills those very actions in the listener. If you’ve liked what’s gone before from these Norwegian chaps, then you’ll most certainly like ‘Pull Of The Eye’. It’s their inimitable brand of catchy punchy electro funk.

You can have a listen to the new single in full below, and pre-order their new album ‘Silver Moon’ (released March 7th) from our online store here.

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