Norwegian electropop wizards Donkeyboy have this week launched a spiffing comeback. Following on from 2012’s almighty ‘Silver Moon’ album, they’re back with a brand new single and video, ‘Triggerfinger’.

It’s a downbeat, almost r&b-esque electro number. An intricate synthz n’ beatz production backs up a mellow vocal from Mr Donkeyboy, before a nice lady comes on and delivers a melodic chorus. It’s all a bit sad. But beautifully sad, at that. It’s all a bit brill, too.

An abrupt ending is given with the lyric “everything hot went cold“. Can we have an extended version please? With more girl bits.

The single is out now, and has been released outside of Norway too. In Norway though, it’s shot straight to number 2 a few hours after its release, and stayed there since (behind Avicii, natch).

Here’s the vid;



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