Here’s the brand new video for Elin Lanto’s current single in Sweden, ‘Tickles’. It’s a thoroughly naughty affair, centred around the main lyric of the song; ”it tickles when I think about it”. We think our favourite part is the toe curling. Samantha Jones would be proud!

Actually, our favourite part is the dancing around the in the cocoon formed by the giant sheets and the wind machine.

Its parent album, ‘Love Made Me Do It’ was released on Wednesday and should be charting this coming Friday. Those that read our review of the album can probably imagine that we think it deserves to be number 1 for the next couple of months at least. But despite her musical output being nothing less than exceptional, this hasn’t been reflected in Elin’s recent chart positions. Still, we hope that taste will prevail and the album will be the hit it so deserves to be.

Oh, and on a seperate note, we came across a video on youtube that mashes up Elin’s Discotheque’ with ‘Patron Tequila’ by Paradiso Girls (which we also really like in its original form). It’s actually quite good, and the movement in the visual of Elin’s video actually fits the be new beat really well too!

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