Yesterday on Swedish radio station P3, Eric Amarillo premiered his new single, and his latest bid to be Sweden’s annual “sommarplåga”. That is, to be the nation’s most played, most partied to, and equally the most loved and most hated song of the summer. He managed it with mighty aplomb in 2011 via ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’. And less so (undeservedly) with ‘Sambofet’ since then. And now here’s this year’s attempt – ‘Fuldans’.

It’s certainly as catchy as it needs to be. A one-listen-and-it’s-stuck kind of affair. And it’s also as annoying as it needs to be – in that it’s not exactly the kind of earworm you want at 10am in the morning after a heavy night out while it was on repeat. So in that sense, job done. It’s not quite as clever as ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’ however, although you might have guessed that from the song’s title, which translates to “drunk dance”. And so it might have a harder time to be played on the radio. In this day and age though – in Sweden at least – all it takes is for it to make its way onto enough Spotify party playlists, and it can soon take on a life of its own. So if ‘Fuldans’’s is going to be a success this year, it’ll be down to drunk Swedish teenagers rather than stuffy radio playlisters.

You can listen to ‘Fuldans’ in full over on P3 radio’s website.

Don’t know when it’s out, sorry.

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