Eric Saade has today released a new EP. It’s a taster for his forthcoming ‘Forgive Me’ album. Four tracks that will be included on said album when it’s released later this summer. And all four featuring a very different sound from Mr Saade. Manboy’s all grown up!

WELL. Let’s start off with the obvious highlight then, shall we? ‘Cover Girl Part II (Jason Gill/J-Son/Eric Saade). Eric Saade heads back to the 80s, to a time before he was even born. But this is a slickly produced variation on the 80s sound. It’s like something from Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ soundtrack (and to anyone who hasn’t seen that film, or heard the soundtrack – that’s a big compliment). Like it could have been taken from one of those club scenes in the movie. On top of the sublime production, Eric sings a brilliant pop melody. Altogether it’s something that would have been a massive highlight, had it been recorded by Justin Timberlake and included on his current ’20/20′ album. Yes, really. AND, we must say that Eric’s vocal delivery on this track is quite possibly the best we’ve ever heard from him. He switches things up, takes a few risks, inserts some personality, and hooray – it pays off tenfold.

Till I Break(Jason Gill/J-Son/Eric Saade) is possibly his most mature song to date. Hopping between pop and r&b. Production wise, it sounds like it’s been influenced by that certain style that StarGate adopted for a few tracks (Rihanna’s ‘Te Amo’ and Keri Hilson’s ‘Lose Control’, to name a couple) a few years back. That’s not to say it sounds dated, it really doesn’t. Just that it seems to be taking some level of influence from there. Alongside this though, the old Saade is visible, in the form of a big post-chorus. And he’s always been a dab hand at that favoured element of popular song. This track also contains a cracking pop melody, once the chorus starts anyway. With ‘Till I Break’, we get the impression that this is the sort of sound/style/maturity he was trying to achieve with ‘Miss Unknown’. On that song it all went horribly wrong. But on this one he gets it very very right.

Forgive Me’ (Eric Saade/J-Son/Espen Berg/Simen M Eriksrud/Cato Sundberg/Kent Sundberg) is the ballad of the EP. An r&b flavoured ballad. Not really our kind of thing in all honesty, it feels like it’s missing that all important melody. But lyrically it’s on form, and we’re sure it’ll be a big favourite amongst his fan base. It’ll probably sound more at home on a full length album. But on a four track EP which is supposed to big-up said album, we reckon something with a bit more of a punch to it would have served him better.

And finally there’s Eric’s current single ‘Coming Home‘. And we’re already all familiar with that (it’s a tune).

This EP is a first for Eric in that it’s released internationally (around most countries in Europe) on the same day as it is in Sweden. Voila;

Coming Home - EP - Eric Saade

Cover Girl Part II

Till I Break


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