Eric Saade has today premiered the video for his latest single ‘Marching (In The Name Of Love)‘.

It features Eric being taken away and locked up. *gasp* But don’t despair – he makes the most out of his time in prison by coming up with some fierce choreography and persuading his cellmates to join in. Well – would YOU say no to an imprisoned Eric Saade?….

One of Sweden’s biggest popstars, Eric also today releases his first album in Norway. It’s called ‘Eric Saade: Deluxe’, and it’s basically a ‘Best Of’, compiled of an assortment of singles and tracks from his previous albums. Check the tracklisting out here.

All of his other albums, singles, DVDs and other Saade merchandise available from our online store here.

Now though. The video;

Marching (In the Name of Love) - Single - Eric Saade



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