Eric Saade has been traipsing around on tour of late – bringing his music to the masses, and promoting his new EP as well as his old hits. We’ve had our spies at a couple of his shows, and we hear that he isn’t performing anything from his forthcoming new album ‘Forgive Me’ (which is due out in a matter of weeks, and can be pre-ordered from our store here), which is a shame. But it just tantalises the taste buds for what’s to come, even more. We’re looking forward to hearing it. A lot.

While we haven’t been able to get any previews of new material on his current tour, this week we have at least been able to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Expressen went along to one of his shows and interviewed him at various points throughout a typical day in his life on tour. No raucous behaviour or anything like that, but if you’ve ever wanted to see inside his hotel room, rummage through his stuff, see what he eats before a show, and have a good ogle at his tour bus bed (nice bed linen, Eric), well then the thirteen minute interview below is for you.

Much more up our street though, is the part of it all where he actually gets out there and performs. And the bigger the stage, the better. Last week he performed on one of his biggest stages in a while, at the pop concert for the Norway Cup. In Norway, funnily enough. He did ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Hotter Than Fire’. Still no new material. But Christ, what jams they have proven themselves to be over time.

The tour interview, and both Norway Cup performances;


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