Oooh, it’s a shiny new pop vid from Eric Saade!

And the video for his new single ‘Masquerade’ is a dramatic continuation of the storyline from the video for his previous single ‘Break Of Dawn’. It’s another big budget (by Swedish pop standards) affair that sees Eric cast as the lovestruck hero. Does he get the girl though? It’s a bit more lust than love this time around. And Eric himself has compared it to porn! It’s not quite pronographic, but in it, amongst other things, he gets his top off, puts his hand up a lady’s skirt, and well – we won’t spoil the tragic ending!

‘Masquerade’ works well as a single we think. Obviously our allegiance is pledged to the almighty ‘It’s Gonna Rain’, but we reckon that ‘Masquerade’ was a good choice as the new single. It seems to always go down at his gigs, being the jittery and jaunty pop number that it is, and he performs it oh so well too.

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