(photo: mtv3.fi)

Last Finland held the grand final of their contest to find the Finnish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

And the winning song is…..’Marry Me’ by Krista Siegfrids’.

The words HOT and MESS come to mind here.

The song/performance/woman could best be described as Katy Perry (pre-‘Teenage Dream’ Katy Perry) crossed with Amy Diamond, but about a decade older than both. With lines like “feeling like a sinner, skipping dinner to get thinner” and “I don’t think there are no ladies who would give you cuter babies” it thankfully embraces every inch of its ridiculousness. And the performance is certainly a lot of fun – wedding dress, an odd cast of extras, a fabulous moment during the middle eight that contains a bed sheet and a wind machine…..

The only trouble is, the song is just not very good. It’s ok. It’s basic. But at the very least, it’s one we’re gonna enjoy watching in its Eurovision semi. We don’t think we’re gonna be getting the chance to watch it again in the final though.

Performance below, and music video here. And spare three minutes for the song that we actually were rooting for last night in Finland – Diandra’s ‘Colliding Into You‘.

Marry Me - Single - Krista Siegfrids



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