Eva & The Heartmaker: ‘Traces Of You’

Eva & The Heartmaker: ‘Traces Of You’

Norwegian electroGODS Eva & The Heartmaker have today released the video for the first single from their long awaited new album (or perhaps EP – we don’t like to assume these things).

It’s called ‘Traces Of You’, and thankfully it’s on a par, quality wise, with their previous material. More of that previous material here.

The new single is sublimely catchy piece of work and a delightful reminder of just how superb these two specimens are at the ol’ music making lark. A few exceptions aside, Norwegian electro really isn’t as much on the forefront as it was perhaps five years ago now that Annie and Margaret Berger are downright refusing to JUST GET ON WITH IT, but we think that Eva & The Heartmaker and ‘Traces Of You’ fly the flag for Norwegian electropop just fine without the rest. Look at it blow. A marvel.

‘Traces Of You’ isn’t too far removed from what we’ve heard from Eva & The Heartmaker’ before. So if you liked that, then you should like this. Actually scratch that – if you like good music in general, then you should like this.

Traces of You - Single - Eva & The Heartmaker


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