FAYE has today put a new song online, premiering it over on the Popjustice website.

Following on from her singles, ‘Water Against The Rocks’ and ‘Breathe Out’, this new song is just something she’s putting out there – it won’t be released as an official single. It’s of note however, not just because it’s good, but also because it samples her fellow Swedes, The Knife. Look, Popjustice have basically summed it all up perfectly, so there’s no need for us to do it again;

Songs written over other songs. You just can’t go wrong can you?

This particular song – by Swedish moodpop expert Faye – has been written over The Knife’s already-very-good ‘Silent Shout’.

Like most of the best songs written over other songs, ‘Silent’ doesn’t sound like a song written over another song at all, it just sounds like a song.

And a very good one at that.”

Listen below.

Oh, and in other The Knife news – they’re coming out with a new album next year! Details. That deserves a *SCREAM*


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