Anne-Lie Rydé is on the promo trail for her new album ‘Dans På Roser’. And that means TV PERFORMANCES! She took to Nyhetsmorgon at the weekend to perform two tracks from the album; ‘Hallå’ and ‘Inget Stoppar Oss Nu’. And perform them she did!

Both videos below demonstrate exactly what is so great about Anne-Lie Rydé when she sings. She starts off both of them with the regular vocals that you would expect from covers of dansband songs. But both soon descend……sorry….ASCEND in this case, into full steam vocal blowouts with carefully timed and perfectly delivered shrieks, wails, and long high notes. She’s always at her most spectacular when she’s not holding anything back, and when there’s nothing holding her back either. But the vocal prowess isn’t the only special element of her performances. That’s coupled with the comedy facial expressions and camp gasps and sighs – all delivered with tongue placed firmly in cheek of course, and with a knowing glint in her eye. But most importantly of all, she makes it look like she’s having an absolute ball, despite all the effort that’s going into making it sound good and look camp. Watching an Anne-Lie Rydé performance is as infectiously joyous as seeing a baby laugh!

You can see both below, and we recommend that you do watch both. Although if you’re pushed for time, the second half of ‘Hallå’ is a particular treat!

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