So then. What’s Eddie Razaz been up to since the demise of Rebound? Well quite a lot actually. The workaholic pop soldier has been locking himself away in studios, writing, recording, and ultimately crafting what will be the sound of his first foray in solo artistry. And he’s already built up an impressive amount of co-conspirators that have been taking the journey with him and working on this music that we’re all dying to hear. A quick roll call boasts Trinity, Pitchtunes, Hani, Beoar, Newkid, Christian Fast, Henric Nordenback, Moh Denebi, Björn Djupström, Peter Sjöström, Rebstar, Ghost Track, Gavin Jones, and K-One. AND one very exciting and very top secret name that we’ve been banned from mentioning as it’s too big and in too early of stages. You know how these things are.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to hearing what his first solo output is going to sound like. He’s earned fans from his time in Swedish Idol in 2009, and from his outing as one half of Rebound throughout most of last year. And then there’s the cover of Britney’s ‘Criminal’ that he threw out on YouTube last month which has already had just short of 10,000 plays. But equally, Eddie himself is also veritably dying for us to hear it too! So eager in fact, that he’s decided to unveil a brief taste of just what it is he’s been working at of late. And he’s doing it through!

He’s sent us a track called ‘You’. Written by himself, Hani, and Beoar, and produced by Pitchtunes. Now, bearing in mind that this is just a rough demo, and that it’s not even going to be the first single (that will come in Oct/Nov time), we’re MIGHTILY impressed! We weren’t quite sure which musical direction Eddie was going to go down, but we’re delighted to confirm that it’s CLUBLAND he’s chosen to frequent. StarGate-esque synths are paired off with a shockingly filthy bassline (seriously, it’s obscene!), plus there is some marvelously mental electronica going on as a post chorus too. And despite the fact that it’s unfinished – we’re hearing a slick production already. Christ, can you imagine what the finished product is gonna sound like?!

Oh, and of course most importantly of all for a man wanting to make a name for himself in pop, his vocals are on top form. He sounds great throughout, even though it does sound like a vocally challenging song. Let’s hope his live vocals can live up the high standards that his recorded vocals are setting with this stuff, when he’s ready to go out on the road with it.

Right then, enough of the gushing praise. Let’s hear it, shall we?

He’s given us permission to stream a clip of ‘You’ exclusively. So enjoy;

[audio:|titles=Eddie Razaz – You (SNIPPET 4 scandipop)]

As we said above, you can expect the first single to come before the end of the year. Welcome back to pop, Mr Eddie Razaz! Please do stay.

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