A Faroese girlband with a debut single that sounds like Cheiron crossed with Eurovision. Count us bloody well in please!

‘City Lights’ is that debut single. It’s got that sort of rock-music-made-into-teen-pop-music sound thing that Cheiron used to do so well in the late 90s. And this in turn has been tailored into something that would grace the Eurovision stage. And if that description doesn’t spell it out for you, let us clarify – it’s effing ace! Hugely poptastic and with a catchy, dramatic, yet earthy chorus. Cheese. But special, fancy Faroese cheese. And you haven’t tasted that before, have you?

Flamma are Laila Carlsen, Ann Chanett Danielsen and Malan Eyðunsdóttir. The single doesn’t appear to be on iTunes as of yet unfortunately, but the full thing is streaming on Soundcloud.



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