Here’s a new track that’s just come out of Denmark. Freja Kirk and her second single, ‘Go’.

It starts off a tad Lana Del Rey, veers a little bit towards trip-hop, but then instead settles comfortably into a laidback soulpop setting. And that’s where it remains throughout the rest of the song. Nicely retro flavoured, it’s an easy listening number with a sizable chorus. And we don’t know if it’s the melody, the production, or Freja’s voice (though probably a crafty combination of all three), but it’s a bit of a feelgood soother this one.

you hurt me, now go

Freja Kirk first found fame on the very first series of Denmark’s own version of The Voice. She released her debut single ‘Forever’ last summer, and will release her first album at the end of March.

‘Go’ is out now and has been released outside of Denmark too.


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