Frida Sundemo has a new EP coming out later this month, news which is a bit YAY! It’s titled ‘Lit Up By Neon’, which bodes well. And what also bodes well is the lead single taken from it, premiered by Popjustice earlier today. It’s called ‘Drawn To You’ and it’s as ace as we’ve ALL come to expect from Frida by now.

This one’s a bit more uptempo than what we’re used to from our Freed. A thundering, glimmering electropop juggernaut that is essentially….well…..lit up by neon really. Best bit is the endorphin releasing change in melody that occurs during the “I’m running at the speed of light in the middle of the night” part. Beautiful.

‘Drawn To You’ is out now and hasn’t quite been released everywhere, however Frida herself says that this is a mistake and she’s working on resolving it as we speak.

But you can listen here anyway;


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