This week, Swedish electropop pioneer Frida Sundemo released her new EP, ‘Indigo’.

It features the sublime previous singles ‘Snow‘ and ‘Indigo‘, and also this new gem, which she is giving away free – ‘Home’.

‘Home’ is quite similar to ‘Snow’ (hooray!). Up-tempo, joyous in tone, and marvellously catchy. It also has a sort of soft choir thing going on towards the end of the track, just like ‘Snow’ does. We loved that in ‘Snow’, and we love it here in ‘Home’. And it’s even more epic here, since the song runs to four and a half glorious minutes.

Nab the free download below (via The Line of Best Fit). And then below that you’ll find an iTunes link to buy the whole EP – which she has released outside of Sweden too, the little darling.

Indigo - EP - Frida Sundemo


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