‘Tis that time of year again. When Scandinavian pop music embraces the season and brings forth gifts of Christmas tunes. It’s actually been a quiet one so far this year, but now comes the arrival of the first big Christmas single – from Iceland.

It’s from a big gathering of Icelandic artists getting together in the name of Frostrósir – an annual Christmas show that tours Iceland. This year marks the tenth anniversary of its conception, and so comes a new single and video – ‘Af álfum’ (‘Of elves’). The single is primarily led by Margrét Eir and Euroband’s Friðrik Ómar. But the song also features Icelandic popstars aplenty. And the video is a veritable spot-the-schlager-star viewing feast – if you’re into that sort of thing, and of course we are!

The song itself is an infectiously jolly little number. As merry as the season’s greetings themselves! We’d sing-a-long to our heart’s content – if only we could speak a word of Icelandic. Instead, we’re trilling “tra la la, la la, la la laaaahhhhh“, and getting ourselves into the Christmas spirit. As pretty much the only Icelandic Eurovision star who isn’t on the track would say; congratulations, it has arrived;

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