This is good. The debut solo single from Danish singer Gerda Monroe, formally of the band IKI. It’s called ‘Understood’ and it (along with the whole of her forthcoming EP) has been produced by Kim Wagner (of brill Danish electro duo Colorkaleido).

It’s an upbeat pop number that veers towards the indie-esque side of things. But it’s brought right back to pop by its heavily synth-ed production. It contains an infectiously joyous chorus, and bizarrely, a bridge that’s even better than the aforementioned chorus. Perhaps it’s cos the post-chorus melody is nicked right off the bridge – so the whole thing has a lot more familiarity to it. The best bit however, is the final minute or so of the song, in which we get to hear an over excited Gerda make her way through a soaring middle eight, before letting rip with sheer glee for the last chorus. And that post-chorus melody makes an appearance again.

It’s a veritable ROMP, is this.

‘Understood’ is out now and has been released outside of Denmark too. Here’s the song and vid;


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