Whilst out gaying it up at Stockholm Pride on Tuesday evening, checking out the entertainment on offer from SOJO, Linda Pritchard, Anniela, and Glorious Inc, we laid eyes on a brand new act that we hadn’t had sight nor sound of before – Gregorgeous.

They’re a nine or ten or so strong troupe, led by Melodifestivalen 2006’s Gregor. And their first current single, ‘Take You High‘ is something of a disco delight. Upon some closer inspection this week though, we’ve unearthed something even more tailored towards our audio needs – an ace dance remix! It’s courtesy of Casado & Daif, whom you might remember from their work on September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt’ earlier this year. The dancefloor filling duo have turned ‘Take You High’ into a delectable club record, with a titillatingly tight piano house tinge.

It’s love.

Said remix has been synced to the band’s video for the ‘Take You High’ single, and so you can watch and listen below!

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