What does it feel like to be one of the most important bands in your country? Well, that’s something A-HA can respond, the Norwegian band, is still going around performing their best hits. This time they are to play next 21st of March at the Turf Club with Zouk Mambo Jambo in the after-party.

A-HA is going to be playing live, and seems to be saying “Hey, let’s let the nostalgia fuel this moment” because the band is going to be accompanied in the afterparty by the Zouk resident DJ Hong, for a night filled with 80’s feelings.

The band that rise to fame in 1985 has titled this tour as their first and most famous record Hunting High and Low, incredibly enough 35 years later they’ll be visiting Singapore for the first time. The Trio is expected to perform all those classics that, no matter the age, are recognizable, starting with “Take On Me” or “The Sun Always Shines On TV”. 

This stop in Singapore is the only one that the Pop Group has scheduled for 2020 in Southeast Asia, bringing back for a night the shoulder pads and the synths of the ‘80s. The Zouk Singapore’s General Manager had words about it on CNA, saying:

“Mambo is, and has always been, a big part of introducing 80s music to the masses and so are a-ha. The inaugural concert event will bring together a fun and the unique mix of watching such an iconic 80s band live and partying 80s Mambo Jambo style afterward.”

If you have any doubts look up Zouk Mambo Jambo and look for the Spotify Playlist, to see the collection of greatest hits from the ‘80s, or use it con prepare for the concert.

The concert will be held in Kranji’s Turf Club, a place built and operated by Singapore Turf Club, to replace the Bukit Timah Racecourse in 2000. If you are a horse racing betting enthusiast, placing online bets on Twinspires.com on popular equestrian events, then you are familiar with it.

The place will be conditioned to host such a party including lots of beers and beverages, and ‘80s themed activities for those attending the concert.


The trio formed in 1982 and quickly changed Norway for England, specifically London, where they met their 2 managers. A-Ha’s major single, “Take On Me” was released 3 times, and the third time was in indeed the charm, alongside the iconic and at the time ground-breaking music video, the Song reached the top of the Billboard US Hot 100, and No.2 on the UK Singles Chart during 1985. And was listed on their first album Hunting High and Low.

The band went on to have continuous success but went downhill regarding the charting of the albums and their first hiatus came in 1994. The 4 year-break ended when they were invited to perform in 1998 Nobel Peace Price Concert, weirdly enough the return of the band was not recognized in the highlights of the many shows, both in the UK and the US.

The group return to the studios and another path to glory, not as spectacular as before, but managed to reach the top 10 charts of the UK with some singles, with 4 more albums before the second Hiatus by the end of 2010.

After almost 4 years of the band’s break-up and with persistent rumors of a possible reunion, it was confirmed the band was invited to Rock in Rio 2015 as well as other projects.

Back to the the tour they are currently on, Morten went to talk about the band’s motivation for the tour:  “With this tour, we want to share our excitement and nostalgia with our fans around the world and allow us to celebrate that experience together.” According to CNA.

Furuholmen also said to CNA that “Revisiting this body of work now feels like inspiration rather than obligation.” A-ha is going on a huge tour that nowadays have sold out many dates, going from Dubai to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the US.



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