Wow, have yourself a listen to this little wonder!

It’s a veritable cacophony of sounds in a single song, but let’s start with what made OUR ears stand to attention anyway – SCHLAGER! You wouldn’t think it to look at them would you? And Christ knows how they’d react to being compared to schlager. But that’s what we’re hearing, and that’s what we’re liking most of all about it. It’s the verses primarily. Close your eyes when you press play on the below video, and the melody that you hear during the verses really could be one that’s trilled out by a Jenny Silver or a Charlotte Perrelli on a Melodifestivalen stage – neon mics and lazer lights included! Things step away from the glitter and the glamour by the time the chorus rolls around, but admirably, that doesn’t make us like the song any less. Instead, we actually rather appreciate the extra layers that we’re presented with as the song goes on and continues to be something of a pop triumph. It goes from schlager into a sort of 80’s new romantic phase – which, come to think of it, is still actually very glitter and glamour! The aforementioned chorus also happens to be quite LARGE – always a thrill.

HandS are a new electro outfit from Norway, made up of HKon and Sofie. And based on this little gem of a record, we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

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