Now that we’re living in Stockholm, we’re getting even more immersed in the Scandinavian pop music scene. But often, the titbits of news we hear are perhaps a bit too brief to warrant a full story to be written here on this website, so instead – we post them on Twitter. In the last few days, since our time at the Melodifestivalen heat 3 after party, and after meeting up with a few pop stars last night, we’ve posted quite a few bits of news on Twitter that readers of this site will have missed unless they’re following us on there. Sooooooo, if you’re on Twitter, do follow us at to read even more scandipop news. And if you look at our last few tweets, you’ll see our gossip about; new albums from Darin, September, and Agnes; the truth about the rumours of Måns Zelmerlow coming to the West End to perform in Chicago, plus when he’s going to return to Melodifestivalen; the latest about Alcazar’s mission to return to the UK charts, including the change of the planned first single; Basshunter’s next steps in making music; and an exciting new collaboration between Alexander Bard and Therese, which will hopefully result in lots of new hits for her!

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