Icelandic pop diva Hera Björk has just released her second Christmas album. The follow up to 2000’s ‘Ilmur Af Jólum’ – this one’s called ‘Ilmur Af Jólum II’!

It’s a collection of covers of famous Christmas songs, and massive epic ballads – all in Icelandic. And below you can listen to the album sampler that her record label uploaded to YouTube, featuring previews of each of the songs on there.

We all love Hera Björk from her schlager dance tunes, but she’s sounding properly amaze belting out some of the bigger ballads on here. At the moment it’s limited to an Icelandic only release, but she’s promised us that it will be out on iTunes soon. Based on the strength of clips below, particularly the belters in the second half, we’re gagging to hear it in full.

Here’s the tracklisting;
Jólastund / Lag: J. Ewbank. Texti: Hera Björk & Valgeir Magnússon
Ef ég bið / Lag: D. Warren. Texti: Kristján Hreinsson
Þorláksmessukvöld / Lag: M. Tormé / R. Wells. Texti: Þorsteinn Erlingsson
Í hljóðri veröld / Lag: J. Ewbank. Texti: Hera Björk & Stefán Hilmarsson
Vetrarljóð / Lag: S. McLachlan. Texti: Hera Björk
Jólastjarna / Lag: P. Hallström. Texti: SigRún
Ég veit af þér / Lag: R. Marx / L. Thompson. Texti: SigRún
Söngur Maríu / Lag: C. Häggkvist / E. Hillestad. Texti: Hera Björk
Jól í Betlehem / /Lag: E. Macias. Texti: Kristján Hreinsson
Ástin / Lag: J. Ewbank. Texti: Guðlaug Elísabet Ólafsdó¬ir
Leyndarmál jólanna / Lag: J. Van Heusen. Texti: Guðlaug Elísabet Ólafsdó¬ir
Betlehemstjarnan / Lag: Áskell Jónsson. Texti: Úlfur Ragnarsson
Heims um ból/ Lag: F. Gruber. Texti: Sveinbjörn Egilsson

For now here are the previews, but keep checking back here, as once it’s available on iTunes, we’ll add the link too.


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