Icona Pop have today premiered the video to what is their new single (sort of. See below for more on that), ‘Girlfriend’.

It’s a corker of a song, that we love. Although it seems to have divided their fanbase somewhat. Anyway, here’s what we wrote about the song itself back in May.

‘Girlfriend’ was supposed to be the new single everywhere. But it’s not now. It’s gonna be ‘Girlfriend’ in some places, and ‘All Night’ in other places. Don’t ask us to specify which, because we don’t even think the girls themselves know at this stage. But some money has been spent on a video for ‘Girlfriend’, and it IS gonna be a single somewhere in the world, so here it is.

What we do know is that their first international album will be released on August 27th and will be titled ‘This Is…’. Definitely in America, and probably some other places too, but again no specifications at this time. Hooray for the new album though. And for two new singles. They’re being good to us.

If you’ve still not picked up their first album, ‘Icona Pop’, that was limited to a Swedish release last year, you can find it on CD in our store. It’s there for less than a tenner.

Here’s their new vid;


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