Today in the US of A, the Icona Popstrels are releasing their debut EP over their, ‘Iconic’. Go, them!

The song features mammoth (online) hit ‘I Love It’, new single ‘We Got The World’, the holy grail that is the regular version of ‘Ready For The Weekend’, and it also includes this song which they premiered via Rolling Stone’s website yesterday – ‘Good For You’.

Regular Icona Poppets will already be somewhat aware of ‘Good For You’, as they’ve been performing a variation of it at live gigs over the past year or so, under the name ‘Beat The L‘. It’s a sonic step away from the frantic mentaldom of the EP’s first two singles, instead sounding more like a mid-tempo exercise in electropicana.

Mildly different, but still amazing. That’s Icona Pop for you.

Head on over to Rolling Stone’s website to take a listen to ‘Good For You‘. Really, you must.

Iconic - EP - Icona Pop


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