Fresh from scoring one of the biggest hits in Sweden this summer with ‘I Love It’, Icona Pop have just announced the follow up – ‘We Got The World’.

Mercifully, it’s in much the same vein as ‘I Love It’. Shouty, chanty, and synthy. This one sounds a lot more dosed up on happy pills than the nonchalant coolness of ‘I Love It’ though. In fact, we could even imagine the girls………actually SMILING in a video, were one to be made for this single. It’s catchy stuff, and a worthy follow up to the almighty ‘I Love It’. Dance-tastic enough to appeal even more so to the clubland crowd, yet Icona Poptastic enough to make their fans swoon. And right after the release of ‘We Got The World’, the girls will put out their self titled debut album on November 14th.

We think all this might just be in Sweden though. The rest of the world seems to be getting the ‘Iconic’ EP this month, with a new single ‘Ready For The Weekend’ (a harrowingly disappointing remix of which was put online last month – although we’re expecting the radio edit to be much more exciting).

Back to Sweden though, here’s the new single ‘We Got The World’;