Just in time for the weekend, the Danish Dance Delight, Ida Corr, has unleashed her new club anthem, ‘What Comes Around Goes Around’.

You’ll no doubt know Ida Corr’s name and vocals from her memorable collaboration with Fedde Le Grande from a few years back, ‘Let Me Think About It’ (aka CHOOOOOONNNNN!!!). Her new single allows her to show off those impressive vocal chords even more in an “ALL ABOARD” shouty chorus. It’s a deep electro house track, with an infectious pipe riff running through it. And during said “ALL ABOARD” chorus, the music breaks down into a semi dub-step moment of dancefloor haze. It’s a trip in itself!

We wanna hear this played when we make our annual visit to Copenhagen at the end of next month!

Below you can stream the short and sweet radio edit. And if you love it, the super extended version is here.

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