Who? A brand-new pop talent emerging from Denmark. This is Aisle, and her latest single and video ‘Freak Me Out’.
What’s it like? A bit bonkers, quite double-edged, bursting with creativity,  and with a subtle undertone beneath those joyous melodies. Just the sort of excitement you want from a new artist, really!
What does Aisle say? “The tune for ‘Freak Me Out’ originated in my kitchen. If you dive into the text, you discover the destructive darkness that I believe exists in all of us. In the text, it’s called “my loaded gun” – and I love it.”
Written by? Aisle herself, along with Lasse Hansen.
More from Aisle? ‘Freak Me Out’ is her second single – last year she released her debut ‘Favourite Bad Habit‘.

You can find ‘Freak Me Out’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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