Who? A fresh new talent emerging from Sweden. This is Alex Järvi, and his brand-new single ‘Tack För Allt Vi Va’.
What’s it like? The kind of song that keeps getting better as it plays. We thought it had peaked at that beautiful beginning of the second verse, but no – then arrived the two minute mark. And THEN came that final 30 seconds. Brilliant stuff. We hope he carries the highlights on to the next single. And then the next. IMAGINE!!! Each thirty second block of new music being better than the last until he retired.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, now. Apologies. And also, this is a break-up song. And we’d feel a bit guilty strip-mining his pain like that.
Written by? Alex himself, along with Gustav Gällhagen, Hilda and Julia Adams. Produced by Påsen.
More from Alex? This is his second single. His first, ‘100 år‘, was released earlier in the year.

You can find ‘Tack För Allt Vi Va’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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