Who? From Kristianstad in Sweden, Bella launches now with her debut single ‘Sorry If You Misunderstood’.
What does Bella say? She describes the song as “flipping the bird at any guy who thinks we don’t know when they’re trying to take advantage of us. Most of the time we know exactly what they’re doing, and in this instance, I’m turning the tables and getting the hell outta there before I’m too far gone.”
What does Scandipop say? This is an EXCELLENT track, and a hugely exciting debut. It’s got a retro Ace of Base-esque chorus, coupled with an atmospheric r&b verse, and topped off with a reggae-lite production that makes it perfect for the impending summer.
Sunshine vibes? It’s a three month summer in a three minute pop song. Glorious.

You can find ‘Sorry If U Misunderstood’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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