A dog collective, sorry what?! A brand new collective of producers based in Stockholm, Sweden. The members of the group have written and produced songs for the likes of Icona Pop, Zara Larsson and Peg Parnevik. And now release their own debut single. ‘Next To Me’ featuring the always endearing vocals of Molly Pettersson Hammar.
Who do Dog Collective say?  “Dog Collective is about friends, it’s about music, it’s about dogs. Woof. We feel like ‘Next To Me’ is a great introduction to the Collective and a taster of what our music is about; energy, groove, pop and soul. The song is about how hard it is not to call your ex when you are out partying and how nice it is not to always care about the consequences. Dogs come in many breeds so we’re excited to show you what comes next, but first we hope you enjoy ‘Next To Me’ just as much as we do.” 
What does Scandipop say? Don’t be fooled by the novelty of the name. This is a seriously brilliant pop tune that is penned by some of Sweden’s biggest pop talents. Get on board.

You can find ‘Next To Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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