Who? Originally hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and moving to Copenhagen in Denmark when he was younger, 21 year old artist Elisha debuts today with his first single. ‘All Night’.
What’s it like? QUITE the stunner. His vocal grabs you straight away, and would ordinarily be a scene stealer. However, ‘All Night’ has been afforded an equally impressive production, that matches the heights of Elisha’s singing. So the whole thing is a pretty damn special listen. And an exciting introduction to a fresh new talent.
More from Elisha? Not just yet. He signed with Sony Music Denmark last spring, on the strength of them hearing THAT voice on a demo. Understandably, he’s a big priority for them, so expect to hear lots more throughout 2018 and hopefully beyond.

You can find ‘All Night’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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