Who is THIS?! THIS is Evelina Olsén – a well-known Swedish singer who has up until now mostly worked on stage or as a back-up singer (and released a Blues album a few years back). Today though, she releases her first pop single. And Christ, is it POP!
What’s it like?Skulle du dö för mig?” sings Evelina. Yes Evelina, we would – if you keep making sublime pop tracks like this.
You like it then? What’s not to like?! A rousing number with heavy shades of electro, the slightest hints of schlager, and bucket loads of unashamed pop abandon.
Written by? Evelina Olsén herself, along with Camilla Läckberg, Andreas Björkman, Adreiana Pupavac, and Viktor Olsén.


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