Fore! A brand new Swedish girlband (exclamation mark is artist’s own). Meet Julie Yu, Nina Stenbrink, Emma Sunesson and Daniela Söderlund. The girls are aged between 15 and 17, and all hail from Stockholm. This is their debut single ‘Wait’.
And what’s it like? WELL. Regular readers might already be aware of the song, as it was released by Swedish duo Sharks last year. Fore! haven’t deviated too far away from its banger beginnings, and turn in an equally club-ready and radio-friendly version of the track. It’s fair to say that the original didn’t exactly set the world alight (or at least not as much as it ought to have), so we’re fully on board with a new girlband giving it an extra lease of life. And a dubstep breakdown for a middle eight.
Didn’t Max Martin write this song? He did indeed, along with a cast of quite a few others. Max Martin/Joakim Jarl/Svidden/Linus Eklöw/Jonnali Parmenius/Johan Sigerud/Marcus Grindebäck/Sophia Englund/Susanna Friberg. The Fore! version has been produced by Scandipopstar Josef Johansson.


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