Who? Swedish singer and songwriter Josefin Henriques, who now launches an artist career as HENRIKES and releases her debut single ‘Happy’.
What’s it like? A relentlessly upbeat and joyful tune that we weren’t quite sure what to make of at first, but before it had finished its first play, we were fully on board. It’s a gorgeous, simplistic track, and very much the unsuspecting earworm.
Written by? Josefin herself, along with Maria Marcus and Märta Grauers. Märta also produced it.
More from HENRIKES? Not yet, but she’s spent the last year or so working on music with the likes of Claes Björklund (iamamiwhoami), Henrik Jonzon (Zara Larsson, Sabina Ddumba, Mando Diao), and Per Eklund (Anna Ternheim).

You can find ‘Happy’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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