Who S Alec? I M Alec. A 23 year old producer from Stockholm who has previously provided remixes for Icona Pop and Erik Hassle. Now he’s out with his debut single. ‘Hometown’, featuring GiGi.
What’s it like? A rather cheerful slice of dancepop that trills of the joys of going out into the world and leaving the old behind. A bit of majestic instrumentation is injected into the whole thing to make it stand out as something different to what else is out there at the moment, and quite special too. An impressive debut.
Go on then, let’s be hearing these remixes of his. Icona Pop’s ‘Brightside‘ and ‘Someone Who Can Dance‘. Erik Hassle’s ‘Natural Born Lovers‘.

You can find ‘Hometown’ on our Best New Dancepop playlist.

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