Who in mind?! You In Mind!
You In Mind?! A brand new collective of Swedish and Danish talents, creating music together.
Who’s in the collective? Singer/songwriter and music producer Albin Loán, music producer Troels Henriksen, producer and DJ Carsten Carøe, songwriter Simon Rasmussen, and producer Morten Simonsen.
And the music? This is the good bit. The TUNE! New single ‘Behave’ has just been released, and we fell for it pretty much instantly. A joyous, jovial, uplifting bop-and-a-half that knows exactly what it is and therefore does exactly what it sets out to do. Ludicrously catchy. And infectiously upbeat.
And with a title like that, is it a cautionary tale on how to carry one’s self in public? More “oh I don’t know how to behave round you“. Which you’ll be humming to yourself quite a bit after listening.

You can find ‘Behave’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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