Who? Two Swedish chaps, Pelle Holmström and Feliks Parik, were introduced via Fredrik Kempe, and formed the duo NEjD. A couple of months back they released their debut single ‘Genom Natten’, which we weren’t quite sold on, truth be told. But they’re back with a new mix, and oh my Christ it’s so much better.
What’s better about it? What can we say readers, sometimes a song just needs a good bang injected into it. And this one works beautifully.
Who is this FL that’s injected said bang? Fredrik Lundstedt – who has also remixed the new Alcazar single. AND the Mendez Melodifestivalen finalist, ‘Everyday‘.
Written by? The original – which you can listen to right here – was written by David Lindgren Zacharias, Victor Sjöstrom, Sebastian Atas, and Pelle Holmström.

You can find ‘Genom Natten’ (FL remix) on our Best New Dance playlist.




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