And who are these lot? Denmark’s latest and greatest (and only?) boyand – Page Four! The chaps rose to fame last year by uploading cover versions online. But NOW they’ve finally put out their own song – debut single ‘Sommer’.
Yes but WHO are they? Oh, right. They are: Lauritz Emil Christiansen, Jonas Eilskov, Stefan Hjort and Pelle Højer. That’s not a left-to-right name call btw – we don’t know them that well. Yet.
And what’s the debut single like? Well as you would hope and expect from a boyband singing about summer – it’s a summer flavoured boyband-pop track. HOORAY! Delightfully catchy too – “SOMMER-ER-ER, ER-ER, ER-ER, ER-ER, ERRRR”.
Written with? Tim McEwan (The Wanted/JLS), Theis Andersen (Medina/Christopher) and Søren Ohrt Nissen (Sony Denmark have left his credits off of the press release, bless him!).
Has it been doing well for them? It came out on Monday and went straight to number 1 on Danish iTunes. It’s still in the Top 3 today. The video has also managed to clock up over 80,000 views since Monday (even more impressive when you consider it’s a Danish language song).


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