Who is Roshana? A singer from Sweden. She first found fame as a member of the girlband Love Generation in 2010, but was the first member to leave. In 2011 she competed in Swedish Idol, reaching the finals. And since then – nothing in the line of music unfortunately. Until today. She releases her debut single ‘As I Am’.
What’s it like? Starting off as an atmospheric piano ballad, after the first chorus it turns into a pulsating r&b pop ballad. The melody on this is BIG – and she’s got the vocals to deliver it.
And what’s it about? “take me as I am….because I can only be me”
Written by? Delta Goodrem, Arnthor Birgisson and Negin Djafari.
Tell us one more thing about Roshana. She’s best mates with Molly Sandén. And they were rumoured to have entered a song into Meodifestivalen 2014 together.


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