INTRODUCING: Steve Noble – ‘Street of Broken Hearts’


Steve Noble? Swedish singer and songwriter. Up until now he’s been mostly known as being the vocalist on quite a few dance hits (including some for Guru Josh Project). Today he releases his debut single ‘Street of Broken Hearts’.
What’s it like? An epic pop track. And that’s epic in melody, epic in the vocal delivery of that melody, and epic in its production. Fit for the likes of a car commercial – which it just so happens to feature in on all of the largest Swedish radio stations from today.
Written by? Steve Noble himself, along with his other half Rebecca Hortlund, plus Peter Boström. Peter also produced it.
Gotta love The Boström. And you’ll be pleased to know Peter has just set up his own record label, Bassflow Music. ‘Street of Broken Hearts’ is the first release on it.


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