Who or what is a Vårum? Vårum is Bjørn Thomassen from Gravden in Norway. Today he’s released his debut single. It’s called ‘Scream’ and we’ve been enjoying it QUITE a lot over the past few hours. Probably for the next few hours too, we’d imagine.
What’s it like? Initially it’s the captivating production that grabs all of the attention in the first couple of minutes. But by the time the 2:00 mark comes around and he promises “so I’ll throw you a lifeline“, the melody falls right into place and becomes a new high point until the song finishes. And there’s something brilliantly sinister about the repetition of the lyric “no one can hear you scream” – even if it IS in the context of advice.
Written by? Written, produced, performed – everything – all by Vårum on his lonesome.
More from Vårum? His debut EP will be released in the next few weeks. ‘Disco Damaged’ (PREACH) arrives on October 10th.


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