Who? A brand new synthpop outfit from Stockholm, Sweden. This is their debut single, ‘Call Me Up’.
Yeah but who? That’ll be Foad Arbabi and Anna-Karin Westerlund. Two artists who have been involved in other artist projects before, as well as writing for other popstars.
What do they say?Villa Monroe is the soundtrack to that 80s film you never saw, with synth pads and heavy beat, where seductive melodies echo. Like the love-child of Eurythmics and Lana Del Rey, raised by Kate Bush. The debut single ‘Call Me Up’ is flirtatious banger on a deserted dance floor
What does Scandipop say? That beat and vocal combo is infectious to the point of hypnosis. Be warned.

You can find ‘Call Me Up’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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